Incline Flume Timeline

Updates are in RED

SUMMER 2016:

   Realign and improve 1/3 mile of trail on currently private property (with TAMBA, TRTA, and Nevada Land Trust cooperation and assistance) - DONE

   Complete second round of Spotted Owl and Northern Goshawk surveys - DONE

   USFS botanical surveys - DONE

   USFS aquatic biology surveys - DONE

   Final phases of Heritage Resource Study and Evaluation – final report received from consultant – in process of USFS and NVSHO review


FALL 2016

    US Fish and Wildlife review of Yellow Legged Frog (endangered species) data (may not be needed) – should be done already?

    USFS specialist review of project surveys - botanical, heritage, wildlife, and others – in process now


WINTER 2016-2017

   Transfer of privately held land to USFS – to be completed by Nov 2017

   National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation draft finalized and submitted (USFS) – Basin wide EA in final public review phase – expected signing Feb 18

   NEPA review and process – not needed once Basin wide EA signed

   Applied for RTP grant – awaiting determination by summer



   NEPA document final (Full Project Approval by USFS) – still projected by summer of 2017



   Fundraising for IFT project

   Design of historical and other signs/kiosks

   Design/Evaluation of slide area solution – retaining wall?

   Trail work on 1 mile of trail from Diamond Peak to slide area


FALL 2017

   Install kiosk and directional signs at Mt. Rose Highway

   Trail improvement from Mt. Rose Highway to Tyrolean trail



   Trail improvements on remaining 5 miles of trail

   Installation of retaining wall at slide area

   Installation of historical and directional signs

   Kiosk installed at Tunnel Creek Road/IFT intersection

   Grand Opening!