Incline Flume Timeline

Updates are in RED

SUMMER 2016:

   Realign and improve 1/3 mile of trail on currently private property (with TAMBA, TRTA, and Nevada Land Trust cooperation and assistance) - DONE

   Complete second round of Spotted Owl and Northern Goshawk surveys - DONE

   USFS botanical surveys - DONE

   USFS aquatic biology surveys - DONE

   Final phases of Heritage Resource Study and Evaluation – final report received from consultant – sent to USFS and NVSHO review


FALL 2016

    US Fish and Wildlife review of Yellow Legged Frog (endangered species) data (may not be needed) 

    USFS specialist review of project surveys - botanical, heritage, wildlife, and others – largely completed


WINTER 2016-2017

   Transfer of privately held land to USFS – to be completed by Nov 2017

   National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation draft finalized and submitted (USFS) – Basin wide EA in final public review phase – expected signing Feb 18

   NEPA review and process – not needed once Basin wide EA signed

   Applied for RTP grant 



   NEPA document final (Full Project Approval by USFS) – Basin wide EA signed

   RTP grant awarded for trail improvements and signs



   Design of historical and other signs/kiosks

   Design/Evaluation of slide area solution – retaining wall?

   Trail work on 1 mile of trail from Diamond Peak to slide area - work was done on almost all of the trail except the slide area!

   Trail work in the vicinity of Mt. Rose Hwy - high use areas


FALL 2017

   Install kiosk and/or directional signs at Mt. Rose Highway - delayed until 2018

   Trail improvement from Mt. Rose Highway to Tyrolean trail - done



   Trail improvements on remaining 5 miles of trail - completed in 2017

   Installation of retaining wall at slide area - USFS is leading crews on this starting May 2018

   Installation of historical and directional signs

   Kiosk installed at Tunnel Creek Road/IFT intersection

   Grand Opening!